Barn Charm # 4

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What a great old barn! Nice pix!
Gail said…
Oh, that my barn looked that good!
Mary said…
Love the cloud in the corner. Lovely shot, JP. :)
MadSnapper said…
looks like vehicles in that barn not cows or horses. still charming though especially with the trees
TexWisGirl said…
nice shot! love that blue sky!
Ann said…
I just love old barns. This one looks quite nice against that blue sky
I love how the barn looks against the blue, blue sky!
It's a very nice car barn! Looks like a lovely day too (all that blue sky!)I just found you via "Barn Charm" and I'll be joining the rest of your followers. I always love me a Quiet Corner to crawl into!!:)
THAT's a charming barn! love the shot with the blue sky & trees...clouds...NICE!

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