First of Five

Pulling into the church parking lot, the Pres found a spot at the top of the hill.  Walking toward the back door, as we rounded the corner outside the entrance, there it stood.  It would be the first of five we would be attending!

Tess was graduating Nursery School, ready to take on Kindergarten in September!  When the children marched in carrying their American Flags, she looked so darling in her pink and white dress, short, neatly rolled, white lace trimmed socks and her black patent leather shoes.  Swaying with her every move, the braid on the left side made her look so grown up while her remaining straight, strawberry blonde hair fell loosely around her shoulders, her bangs falling in place beautifully.

When they got on stage, parents (and grand parents) in the crowd waved proudly to their child.  For a brief moment, her eyes met mine and I blew her a kiss.  She blew one right back, eyes beaming.  


After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, the program continued with all their songs that they'd practiced for this auspicious occasion.  Yet, as each individual class stood to walk down and receive their diploma, I couldn't help but feel sad for the little girl who wept sheepishly throughout the entire program and the little boy who asked to leave the stage because he felt sick to his stomach.  Although my heart ached for them, I continued to focus on Tess...after all, it was her day!

The curtain closed and for a few brief moments, some of the crowd began to rise and exit.  Suddenly drawing back the curtain once again, there they stood:

Class of 2012

only four more to go!


Anonymous said…
that is so special
Lynn Proctor said…
oh so sweet--yes sad for the little crying girl and the sick boy--congrats to tess!
A lovely post JP.. so very fitting on this day 1st of June ..International day of the children...
She looks very pretty and I can feel through your post that you are a very proud grandmother..
They grow so fast.
sweet and lovely.
Happy weekend
Unknown said…
Oh, this is just too cute! Younger graduations are so fun. There's so much future for them and parents don't have to worry about them moving home without finding a job. There's so much future ahead of them. ;)

Happy seeing beautiful (good luck with 4 more)!
MadSnapper said…
so cute, you are blessed
Inger said…
So adorable, you must be so proud and happy.
Empty Nester said…
Oh how I remember those days when the lovelies were coming along. One of these days, I'll enjoy watching again with grands- if these girls will get busy and give me some. LOL I love the way you wrote about this- so very special!
Ann said…
aw, aren't they cute.
Those days are gone for me for the time being. Brings back memories.
In regards to photo's of family on our blogs. It is probably best to honor their wishes...but I can tell you, for me it's depressing because my blog, in essence, is the story of these last years of my life. I will be 76 in October..and have never kept a diary before. Makes me so sad.
oooooh....congratulations to all the little ones!!

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