Forest Edges Count

The "get together" at Goodwin Forest last week was great!  Meeting a few of the members and sharing some goodies I brought was a good feeling.  They devoured the Coconut cookies, the Oatmeal Raisin bars and most of the Crab Salad I brought as we sat around the table discussing the up and coming walks and discoveries planned.

They were all such a friendly group which is what made me pencil in the two walks coming up this month.  I'm going to give my friend, Nancy, a jingle to see if she's up to walking as well.  The Pres and I have been so busy with family and the yard that there hasn't been too much extra time.  Hopefully now that we have grass, plants, mulch and a few stone walls, I can sit back and enjoy! more thing.  Did I tell you that Juan (Naturalist & DEEP/Goodwin Forest) also conducts a fern identification walk?   I think I ought to go, don't you?


Texan said…
Sounds like your having some fun. Yep you should go on the fern identification walk :O)

Always nice to get those yard projects taken care of :O).
Chatty Crone said…
Oh my goodness you have done so much work in your yard - it is looking good. sandie
Anonymous said…
Most definitely you should go..and take pictures...and share them.
Unknown said…
Oh how fun! That wall is beautiful. I could get comfy out there for days. :)

Happy seeing beautiful!
Nancy said…
JP, when are they doing the Fern Walk? I love ferns! Last summer I did the Mushroom Walk and it was fabulous. The Thursday the 14th walk sounds great but I'm afraid that 3 miles might be a little too long for me. Having trouble with feet and back these days! Nancy
Of course you should go! Your yard looks fabulous. You guys have really been working. Time to relax and enjoy.
Lynn Proctor said…
oh the fern walk sounds amazing!
Ann said…
I'm hungry so I'm still thinking about the cookies and crab salad :)
Yep, I think you should go
Ashling said…
Hech yes, you should go! How totally cool! We just ordered a boatload of fern spores to plant, so I look forward to reading all about it.
You should go and share with us what you learn! :-)

I hope you've had a good day!!
dr momi said…
Oh I'd LOVE to do a fern identfication walk! (and a mushroom identification walk :-)
JP, not that you needed us fellow bloggers to tell you so, but you do delve to get out and enjoy your new location, and so go and take the fern walk!
i like the stones...i have OLD bricks and stones we've picked up here and there in our wanders...surrounding the flower/garden beds.'s always a good thing to be able to ID the plants that are around!

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