Home in the Hollow ~ SOLD

Although today is June 26, this post was written way back when...in what seems like 1802!
Actually it was on May 8th, yet I chose not to publish it until now.

In the beginning of May, we got an offer on the house (Home in the Hollow) down in Virginia!  It was an offer that we couldn't pass up.  Bottom line, we agreed on a selling price.

Yes, we were very happy and excited especially given the present economy and housing market.  I should also tell you that we had made a nice "chunk of change" when we decided to have seventeen acres "select cut" this past winter.  That, in combination with what we're getting for the house now is only ten thousand less that what we'd put it on the market for!!  So, yes we are more than satisfied!

However, there was a degree of sadness for both of us also.  For me, it felt final and I was bummed out for a few days.  But...it is what it is and since I didn't want to jinx the deal, I've had to keep quiet with the exception of telling my former neighbor, Lisa.  So, now that the inspection, all the tests and the appraisal have been completed along with the purchaser's mortgage application, we can consider it officially SOLD. 

As of this writing the closing was scheduled for June 26th at which point the Home in the Hollow will have new owners.  The legacy lives on.  They are young...in their thirties and from what I understand, he works for/with the Parks Department and presently patrols the Blue Ridge.  They sound like they will be a good fit for the Hollow!

Hopefully they will love the house as much as we did.  They did ask us to sell them a few of our things which made me feel good as now they will remain home where they belong...Home in the Hollow
Bookcase in Dining Room

Hoosier in Dining Room

Antique Dresser

Pellet Stove

and of course, the antique hand crank phone that came in handy many a time when we lost power

as well as

Antique Wood Cook Stove
We are so glad that we were able to live in, love and enjoy the Hollow as did the folks who lived there before us.  When the Pres went down to empty the remainder of the house early this month,  he asked me if I wanted to go.  I chose not to.  Saying farewell once to a place you loved and called home is hard enough the first time around...let alone do it again.  Besides, you know I'm not good a good-byes.

Letting go takes love...a lot of love sometimes...and right now I need all that love here to sprinkle around.  We have a new home, a new life and yes,  look forward to leaving our footprints here as well!


MadSnapper said…
it makes me sad to know its gone, but glad it went to someone who will love it. i know they will or they would not have bought it, log cabins are not for everyone, and yours is so special. i know they are the right owners because they loved your furniture. congratulations on the sale.
dr momi said…
When we sold our house of 25 years it was a very strange feeling. A sadness. I got over it :-). Good for you getting it sold!
Ann said…
Well congratulations on the sale. I can imagine how sad it had to be leaving it behind but the memories you have will live forever
Lynn Proctor said…
this is very sweet
Mary said…
Will seem strange to think of your previous home being occupied by someone else now...
Betty said…
I've always felt connected to each house we've lived in and some were only for a short while. However, when you love where you're living it makes the house even more special. I loved Virginia and always hoped we could go back someday, but that's never going to happen. I'm not so crazy about Texas and I've lived here longer than any place else. The heat and humidity are no fun! Connecticut is a beautiful place too. Lots of history just like Virginia.
Cuby said…
Life moves on and you have to move with it. Sounds as if 'Home in the Hollow' will be loved and cared for by the new owners. Happy memories last forever.
TexWisGirl said…
i truly loved that place - so many of us 'met' you there so it will always be a part of who you are. congratulations to the new owners who sound like they already love it. i hope they will be great neighbors for lisa and paul.
Congrats, JP, for something that was awhile in the happening, but now it's all good. One day in thie future, who knows when, we might share the same news that our VA home has sold and we are moving on. I know it's bittersweet, but you have new memories now.
Chatty Crone said…
Parting is such sweet sweet sorrow. Congrats though. sandie

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