Can you see Copper in this picture?  I'd thrown MY stick up into the ferns...just to make him work a little harder.

Then there was this.

And this.

Returning victorious!

He should have a warrior, don't you think?

Oh, do you want to hear about MY stick?  I'd found this ratty old beaten piece of board that I was planning on using as a stake to hold one of my old yard signs.  They seemed perfect for each other.  I pounded it into the ground into of the small bed of lilies with all intentions of getting the screw driver and attaching the sign. the time returned from the garage with the screw driver, the stick was in you know who's possession!  He pulled it right out of the ground!!

Don't think that he doesn't have his Kong either.  It's right in front of his feeding station on the side of his condo!  Darn kids! 


Anonymous said…
It's his special "Mommy" stick...she planted it just for him.
Gail said…
A stick is a stick is a stick. Anyway, that's the way my canines see it around here.
He knew you pounded in to the ground as a challenge. He was up to it.
he figured if he left it in the might grow...and then it would be too big. it was perfect just the way it was.
LOL--I guess Copper thought you forgot it!! :-)

I hope you're doing well, and your week is off to a good start--With or without a good stick!!
Tracy said…
hah, how funny! yes, kids! Aren't they funny ow they have a mind of their own; and I'm speaking of the two AND four legged versions! But glad you are willing to share :)
MadSnapper said…
i love the post title as much as the post itself. and that stick would not stay in the ground here either. baby pulled the tomato stake out of the cukcket once.
TexWisGirl said…
such a cutie! made me laugh.
Yes , I spy copper in the 1st photo. What a lovely pictures of your morning in the garden.
Dogs are very clever ..They really do things that we think they cant sometimes. Your fellow is really clever.
nice post JP:
thanks for your comments.
If you would like to see my son's estate..
just google "Alfanges" and it will come up.
they are my weekend neighbours.
Ann said…
Silly mommy, thinking that stick was

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