Mosaic Monday: Rocks

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Nice mosaic!!

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Anonymous said…
Lovely photos...I can just feel the cool roughness of them.
rocks ROCK!!

i love rocks!! :)
MadSnapper said…
lots of rocks, i like the tiny rocks in the cracks to the big rocks.
Lynn Wood said…
What an interesting subject. I love it!
I like the gradation of colour in the rocks and the template for your collage!
Ann said…
nice mosaic and I love all the rocks. Wish I had some to do some landscaping in my yard.
Great mosaic template - I like the moss on the rocks.
Nancy said…
Don't be trying to pick up any of those large rocks. One garden club member broke a bone in her back that way! Nancy
Naturegirl said…
I love the large rocks in gardens! I have about a dozen in mine! I especailly love rocks with moss!Have a wonderful week!

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