Opulent mansions filled with splendor
Butlers standing tall and slender
Floor to ceiling gilded in gold
The tour today...electronically told
Tapestries hanging over winding staircases
Silver and china and Peony vases
Lion's paws for all the chairs feet
A French decorator...simply sweet

Well manicured grounds
Shrub-shaped trees abound
The breakers, the ocean satisfied my yearn
Yes, dear Newport, I will return


oooooh nice.

my favorite is the...
old man by the sea...

looks beautiful!
Ann said…
Thanks for the electronic tour. What a great place.
MadSnapper said…
beautiful old home, my favorite part is the ocean view.
Anonymous said…
I've never seen an ocean in person so I always enjoy scenes of the water. Those are some massive houses.
Gail said…
So beautiful...I can hear the sea.
Inger said…
JP, you crack me up!Why did I think we would be kayaking today? Well, Newport is not bad and you are so full of surprises.
You're a poet and I didn't know it! I love Newport...and that way of life was just outrageous and incredible, wasn't it? ESPECIALLY at the Breakers.

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