Road Trip

Today I leave for Rhode Island to spend the night with my daughter! Here's hoping we:
go for seafood
do some adventuring
 and chill out together on Tuesday!



Anonymous said…
Happy trails!!
MadSnapper said…
woo hoo and have fun
Lynn Proctor said…
mmmm seafood--enjoy your time!!
Ann said…
safe travels and have a great time
Chatty Crone said…
Have fun and be safe! sandie
momto8 said…
oh good for both of you!!! have fun!
Angela said…
Have a great time JP!
Too bad our schedules were not in sync, JP, as our next road trip to RI for granddaughter Ellie's 1st birthday in July. Enjoy your trip and family time.
sounds like a great day!

just what i need...a road trip...probably when my mouth heals!! :)

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