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My friend, Delores at The Feathered Nest , "tagged" me the other day.  As you can see, listed below are the questions she created for her eleven bloggers that she tagged, along with my answers.  I must admit, I do LOVE the "picnic" theme!!

You are going on a picnic.............
1.  Will you make the food yourself or get take out? 
     Definitely make it ALL myself!
2.  Will you use paper plates or pack real plates?
     Paper...perhaps the pretty yellow & green ones...but cloth napkins!
3.  Country or city park?
     Countryside preferably near a stream
4.  Invite some friends to come along or not?
     Invite others...the more the merrier!
5.  Use a bug spray or a screened dining tent?
     Citronella candles
6.  Bring a ball and bat?
     Nope.  Horseshoes!
7.  Pack the kids bikes?
     Heck no...hiking is good for the soul!
8.  Laze around the picnic site for the day or have an activity planned?
     A hike, dangle feet into the cold mountain spring, then perhaps a nap...after a good game of   horseshoes!
9.  Hope to find a picnic table or bring your own folding table?
     Find tables or sit on the old blanket/sheet on the ground...that's what it's there for!
10. Decide at the last minute to just go to a restaurant?
     Heck no!  And pass this outing up?
11. Throw up your hands in defeat and stay home for a picnic on the deck?
     Although the word "defeat" is not in my vocabulary, I would have just as much fun here at home!!!!

Here are my eleven for you along with your scenario...

You leave tomorrow morning for your excursion so you only have today to prepare.  YOU are climbing Mt Everest

 and I want to know:

1.  What is in your backpack/sack that you will be taking with you?
2.  When everyone runs out of food, would you share what food you have?
3.  In your mind, what is at the top?
4.  Where will you sleep tonight?
5.  A storm is forecast for the day of the climb.  What will you do to help the others in your party?
6.  One party member was injured and had to be left behind on a cliff's edge...why?
7.  Do you have any climbing experience?
8.  Did you offer to stay with the injured party?
9.  Do you have/know any life saving skills?
10.The guide becomes blind, what would you do?
11.You are exhausted, freezing and weather beaten...yet hours away from the summit, how do you energize yourself?


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 One more thing...NO TAG BACKS!!!!


Anonymous said…
These are fabulous questions....great job...
1. a gps
2. sorry I can't answer you, my mouth is full.
3. a long way back down
4. you think I'm actually going to sleep
5. convince them not to climb
6. we couldn't stand his whining
7. chairs, stairs
8. hell no...I told you he was whining
9. just my own
10. head for home
11. whimper
Enjoy your picnic JP :-)

The black thing on my leg was a compression socks - I've started wearing them for races.
MadSnapper said…
mine is easy, there is no way no how on this earth that i would even consider climbing that mountain. now the picnic i would love, but i would drive through and pick up a bag of burgers and we would head to the beach and put our chairs in the edge and sit with our feet in the water and chomp on burgers or we have been know to use the provided picnic tables to eat. we also love to take peanut butter and banana sandwiches to the beach, they are healthy and require no ice. still shuddering thinking about that mountain climb. YIKES. but i would walk to the top of a mountain on a trail as in Pine mountain in KY
Ha! Fabulous answers! Fabulous picnic!
Ann said…
Oh very fun, I like your answers. I'll have to think about those questions a bit and I'll give my answers in a blog post. Hmmm, I don't know if I'm much of a climber. Maybe Duke will have to help me with this one :)
Chatty Crone said…
Hello - I was just stopping by to say hello. HELLO! sandie

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