Things To Do

Carefully and methodically crossing off items on my Things To Do list, I gave one item in particular serious thought the other day.  Right now my list only includes:

Garden Club
E Z Pass
Check 401
Email Norma
Email Mona
Meet & greet ~ one big German Shepherd
Rhode Island
Farmer's Market

My closest neighbor distance-wise, is a policeman, his wife and two children.  He is with the Canine Unit in Groton and shortly after we met him, he told us had recently completed training with his companion dog.  The dog, a beautiful German Shepherd, watches intently as Moon, Copper and I walk past every day.

I introduced Moon and Copper to Rich, but not yet to his canine companion.  Right now we're keeping our distance.
  The bark this pooch emits as we walk by is enough to send shivers up and down my spine.  So, for now, it remains on my list of Things To Do.

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I have to admit to being a bit afraid of German Shepherds, so that would stay at the bottom of my list, and I'd be okay with not ever getting it done! :-)

Enjoy your Thursday!!
Gail said…
If he's police trained...not to worry. He will drop with one word. They are trained to be aggressive only when told to be...if they did it right.

Hopefully, this will be a case where "the bark is much worse the bite"
Anonymous said…
The dog should be alright as long as his handler is with him. Not a bad idea to get to know it and it to know you so that it gets a sense that you and the dogs are friends.
I used to have an EZPass - they're great. I just traveled so much for a job I had here that I went ahead and got one.
My late Uncle James, used to train police dogs, german shepherds and he had two of his own.
Best to make sure they are on a leash..they will get to know one another in the social dog way.. sniffing the ):
I love how you have crossed out some of the things. best to do that, otherwise might not get through them.
Happy thursday JP
val x
MadSnapper said…
what is ez pass? does that mean you can use it like a free out of jail card? you can pass on the list of to do?
Mary said…
Well, you know I have to see a photo at some point... :)
dr momi said…
The shepherd I raised for Leader Dog had a bark the raised the hairs on your arm....but he had a softie heart :-) (I wouldn't do a meet and greet without the handler there.)
TexWisGirl said…
i bet he's a beauty.
EG CameraGirl said…
I admire anyone who keeps a list and actually crosses items off. :)) It's so satisfying!
Ann said…
I had a lab who had the meanest bark I've ever heard. He used to scare the pants off of everyone. He was a big old teddy bear though
is the a wild card?! you can just move it through the list and have it take the place of the thing on your list you don't want to deal with...
ha. justkidding!

i love shepherds! used to have one, named Soma.

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