Watching TV

Before the Prez headed down to VA for the last time, we had talked about giving the TV in the family room to Buddy.  He was planning to put it in his shop where he holds all his get-togethers.

Since the Prez was leaving early Wednesday morning, the Prez had the young couple buying the place return on Tuesday afternoon to walk the property showing them the old busted up still and the property lines along with the new growth on the mountain.  Once they went back to the house, they  chatted a little more, had a few beers with the Prez then headed out.  Meanwhile Buddy came over, which meant another beer or two before they loaded the TV,  placing on the pick-up truck, strapping it, then went their separate ways...the Prez in the shower and Buddy home.

At supper time the Prez headed down to Buddy's to enjoy pizza with him, Nancy and Jeff. 
Getting to Buddy's, the Prez was anxious to share pizza with his Virginia friends.  Expecting to see the TV in the shop, he asked where it was...

he was told it had fallen off  Buddy's truck and broke into lots of pieces!!

Yep...there's a lesson (or two) here:
Watching the TV can be a good thing
Never load a TV on a truck  after you've had a few.


Inger said…
I guess I shouldn't laugh, but this is sort of funny. I can imagine the expression on your hubby's face.
TexWisGirl said…
oh, that is a shame!!
MadSnapper said…
oh no is all i can think of, a lesson learned i am sure.
Anonymous said…
Ann said…
just another one of those "sounded like a good idea at the time" situations :)

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