A Basket Full

Although it was difficult I tried to get everything in one picture for you...well, everyting that pertains to today's tale anyway.

While the Pres was in Virginia, it was miserably hot here and we hadn't had rain in quite a while. Hearing that the next few days was going to be near 100, I decided to give my flowers a nice long drink.  So easily said...give my flowers a drink!

If you look closely in the photo, you can see the sprinkler that the Pres attached to the upper two by four.  He did this for convenience sake.  However, when I connected the hose and turned it on, I found I was watering the side of the house and it's windows, which then meant that I would have to wash them to remove water spots.

Deciding that I needed to use a different sprinkler, I brought out the basket from the garage.  I tried each and every sprinkler, getting thoroughly soaked in the process because all of them had something that was no longer working right.  Finally it dawned on me...uh...duh!  If I put the ONE sprinkler... the one I tried last...that worked properly in the ground, the windows stayed dry!!

Perseverance pays off. 


MadSnapper said…
so you got the flowers watered and stayed cool while doing it, but i bet the temper was not as cool as the wet body. LOL
Ann said…
well it didn't hurt to sprinkle yourself a bit to get cooled off. Funny how sometimes it takes us a while to catch on to a concept :)

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