Strategically placing my new treasures around the house was not only fun but challenging as well.  It all began with a voicemailk left on our anserwing machine then an email.  However, I was delayed in responding to both becasue of the colonoscopy and the anesthesia's side effects.  

My artist friend, Nancy, wanted me to stop by.  She had some presents for me!  They had recently had a tag sale and she had some things that didn't sell and thought they would look nice at our place!  Wasn't that sweet?

Putting a few things away for winter use, I 

 placed this small print on a plate stand rather than displaying it on the wall in the bathroom.  It tells of the advantages of using mustard in the bath and

placed the Americana basket filled with fruit in the center of the island.  However, I have plans for them come winter too!  They are going to be hung on my small Christmas tree in my office...:)


Anonymous said…
Found treasures....the best kind.
TexWisGirl said…
porch days is a sweetie. :)
Cute basket!

Still in the dark here. The folks who bought your old house have certainly had a doozy of a first week...
gld said…
How's your weather up north?

You must be down to the finish with the house if you are placing these treasures now.
Ann said…
Always nice to get gifts. I like yours.
Betty said…
That sure was nice of her. I like the mustard bath sign. I must admit I've never heard of a mustard bath, but I guess it's something they did way back when.
Unknown said…
Glad you're resting. Those goodies are beautiful and gifts from friends always leave us seeing more beautiful. How special!

Happy seeing beautiful!
Hi JP, those procedures which are "good" for us to get can really be exhausting. Glad to know you are feeling better and sure those surprise gifts helped lift your spirits. Have a relaxing kind of weekend, staying cool and indoors.

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