It’s Here…Somewhere

At least that’s what their body language was saying.  Copper, the inquisitive one which has gotten him into trouble in the past, led the detail while Moon attacked from the side.  Their victim, the ATV, sat defenseless on all fours, motionless…at their mercy.
Biting at the seat then tugging in a downward motion, Copper was relentless.  That’s around the time the call for my help began…incessant barking in that tone that only a boy who needs help can emit.
I was along side and in the midst of the commotion in a matter of seconds.  Copper was telling me to lift the seat and so I did.  In one quick instant, the small gray mouse scurried over the chewed battery wires and disappeared into the engine!
Ah, yes…life in the country…where field mice build nests in ATVs and lawn mowers!
08-DSCN3507    09-DSCN3508   10-DSCN3509
11-DSCN3510     The mouse remained huddled in the engine all while Copper grabbed at the casing, trying to force his nose between the exhaust.  Finally I convinced both of them to come with me as I walked around the yard looking at flowers...boring, they thought, I’m sure!
  Yes, all’s well that ends well.
Oh, one more thing.  When I told the Pres about the chewed wires and battery terminals, he wasn’t happy.  This I could tell because…
he went and got the key while mumbling a few choice words.


Anonymous said… tiny, so cute, so destructive.
great photos.. I have jeffrey, who loves to do the same thing. I just need to say rat..and he runs to smell and see what he can find.
Hope P got the wires sorted!
Happy tuesday
MadSnapper said…
i am trying not to laugh, really i am, at the few choice words i think i am hearing way down here. my hubby would be saying the same ones.
TexWisGirl said…
good pups to alert you to the scoundrel.
Ann said…
Good to have Copper and Moon on duty. Too bad they didn't spot it before it had fun with the wires
Jeremy Bates said…
Dang! Couldn't you have rigged the bites to make it look like the mice did it?
yep...good doggies!
i had a mouse nest in my car engine.

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