Last Tuesday, I decided it was time for my maiden voyage.  I'd waited long enough...through the recent hot humid weather we've been having here...for cooler, more tolerable temps.  Then, I heard our local weatherman say 80.  To me that meant hit the road and hit the water!

I left the house even before the Pres was awake and arrived to find only a handful of cars at the boat launch.  Backing the Wrangler up to the boulders, I felt a tad nervous but when I watched a few others around me unloading their kayaks and carrying them down to the water's edge.  But then the nervousness subsided and I suddenly found myself following in their footsteps.

In fact, the first woman I met asked me if I needed a hand with the kayak.  I explained that I wanted to see if I could manage it alone but to stay close just in case.  As it turned out, I was fine and now
the kayak was bobbing at the water's edge as I stepped in and sat stretching my legs onto the foot pegs.  The camera, my cell phone and ID were neatly tucked away in a waterproof bag I'd bought at Dick's (I would highly recommend it!).

The adventure began...

Paddling around the lake I intentionally practiced getting onto shore then off again.  The water felt so warm when I placed my hands in as I drifted.  It was absolutely glorious.  A few small waves took me by surprise (because of a passing boat) but didn't last long.

I met a man who was teaching his youngest daughter (age 7) to kayak that day.  We chatted for quite a while as I shared what I learned about dragonflies and damselflies with her (and her Dad!!).

All I can say is...
I'm hooked!

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gld said…
You are an adventurous soul......
Congrats on your new hobby!
Nancy C said…
I'm so jealous and proud of you at the same time! You go girl! xo
Great photos JP.
Well done, you are now an official Kyaker!!!
I love the dragon fly.. you must have a great camera.!
lots of fun.
happy weekend

(thank you for your kind comments)
Bee Lady said…
It looks so peaceful and fun but the thought of my legs being stuck inside there just freaks me out. I think it's because I'm so claustrophobic...I don't know. Gorgeous pics.

Cindy bee
TexWisGirl said…
that is awesome, jp. :)
mshatch said…
lovely pics, looks very peaceful :)
Inger said…
Congratulations, this is great! And I imagine it must be so peaceful out there on the water. Good for the soul.
Look like you had a lot of fun on your adventure. Kayak is surely an extreme sport I want to try too. Maybe we can go together someday. :)
Ann said…
what a great way to spend a day.

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