Mosaic Monday

Vanderbuilt's Place, Newport, RI
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EG CameraGirl said…
WOW! I cannot imagine living in a place like that!
Roban said…
Wow, that's one big house! Beautiful architecture.... I can't imagine what it would be like to live there.
Barb said…

Thanks for visiting me today! I love Mosaic Mondays - so many fun posts to look at, and yours is no exception! What a grand place the Vanderbuilt's have - It is truly amazing!

I use Photoscape to do my mosaics. It's a free program to download, and it has lots of fun features, give it a try!

Hi JP, we will be on a RIntrip too in a couple of days when we visit the grandkids and their folks to celebrate Elizabeth's 1st birthday. We have never toured any of the Newport estates, but driven by some of them.
Ann said…
What a gorgeous place that is. I can't imagine living like that
Whoops,typos...meant to type RI road trip.
Empty Nester said…
Very nice! RI is a state I know very little to nothing about so this was quite nice!
Mary said…
Great structures, JP!

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