Penny Nails Save Money

Last Thursday morning our washing machine made a gruesome...yes, gruesome...noise during the rinse/spin cycle.  I hollered upstairs to the Pres..."something is wrong with the washer, Honey bunches of oats"  I'd shut off the machine and when he came down the first thing we thought about was getting it to drain so I could then wring out the clothes and set them outside on the drying rack.

Sounds easy, right?  NOT!!!!  But we got it done.  It was at that point he remove the front panel of the machine and said, "I think the pump motor is shot."  Sure this is just what we needed this morning as he was trying to get ready for class and me with an injured knee!

"We'll go look for a washer this afternoon after I get home", he said, grabbing his lunch and heading out the door.

So, I wrung out the clothes and hung them out on the clothes rack to get the day's sunshine.  You see, we'd gone to the lake the day before so the load was small...thank goodness!

On Friday, I went to the gym as usual babying my right knee.  In fact, when I got there I immediately found my favorite instructor and asked his advice on what to do and what not to do.

When I got home, the Pres announced, "I got the washer working...I think."
"Really?  You were able to fix the motor?"
"Nope.  I found two penny nails jammed in the motor."

We've had the macine nine years.  He thinks the nails have always been in there.
I don't.

But I don't care, because the way I look at it is those TWO PENNY NAILS SAVED US BIG BUCKS!!


Anonymous said…
Phew!! Dodged a bullet that time.
TexWisGirl said…
glad he looked into it one more time!
Ann said…
We've had washing machine issues recently also. My husband managed to fix it once again. We'll keep babying that poor thing as long as we can.
Glad your got fixed too
Bee Lady said… just reminded me, I put clothes in the washer...yesterday! I fell a week ago and landed on my knee, the washing machine is in the basement, and it is always going off balance....I. must. go. down. there. now. UGH.

Cindy Bee
JP, I was trying to come up with cleaver sayings about a penny saved...but in this case the penny nails came up with big savings in NOT having to replace the washer.
mshatch said…
So glad it all ended well (without you and the pres having to fork over a bunch of $ for a new washer!). I'm afraid my dryer is heading in that direction. It makes a terrible screeching sound sometimes...
Chatty Crone said…
We have a man coming tomorrow to look at our dryer! Wish it was just nails! sandie

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