Ready, Set...

I'm was really chomping at the bit, when I took this picture.  Hopefully the hot humid weather will change enabling me to "hit the water."  I'm sure that when I return I'll have a tale or two to tell.  The lake I'm heading to is spectacular!  I went down to the boat launch area last Monday just to size up the terrain.  I've always had great adventures in my Wrangler and something is telling me it won't disappoint me this time either.

Meanwhile I've got the Pres talked into taking off the hardtop and putting on the soft~top!!!  YEAH!!!!  Although he's always been extremely reluctant to put it on, this time he's going to switch it out for me.  With the soft~top on, I'd be able to load the kayak by merely opening the tailgate and pushing the kayak in.  I don't have to worry about damaging the rear window and wiper mechanism.  The soft~top gives me some "wiggle room."
And, at my age, I need to wiggle a little...:)


See what I mean?  We intentionally left the zip windows off and I was able to practice loading and unloading.  You know me...the six P's...prior proper planning prevents poor performance!


I didn't realize you could switch out the tops on your Jeep.

You can come say goodbye to Claude on my blog today :-(
Gail said…
Enjoy!!!! Be safe.
Ann said…
A friend of mine has a Wrangler and she loves it. Glad you were able to talk the Pres into switching out the tops. I love your 6 P's motto
Texan said…
Oh I see fun fun fun fun stamped all over this picture!
TexWisGirl said…
good girl! have fun!
Chatty Crone said…
There is blows - or I mean goes. sandie

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