The Dreaded Day (cont.)

I arrived at 8:45 am.  DMV was slated to open at 9:15am.  Pulling in to the parking lot I noticed people milling around not far from the building.  I thought that they were waiting for a store to open for the day after the fourth of July sale.  Little did I know they were THE LINE in which I would soon be standing...which extended the length of the building, up the side of the parking lot and around the corner.  I would guess they're were 100 people in front of me!  However, wearing my See Beautiful  bracelet (which serves as a great reminder I might add), I smiled as I got in the line, deciding that even this could be "beautiful".

I don't want to bore you with all the details.  However, in order to maintain my sanity and positive approach to the experience, I jotted down a few notes.  The notes kept me focused on the details rather than what was actually happening.

Called to first window at 10:15 where I was instructed to pay the $40.00 application fee for my license.   I was instructed to sit on the left side of the room and wait.

At 10:45 I was called to the second window where I received my original documents presented to prove that I really was JP as well as my eye test.  I was instructed to sit in the middle area and wait.

I heard my name called again at 11:40 by a woman who had me sign for my license and took my picture.  I was told to once again wait in the middle section.

At 12:15 when my name was called I went to window # 4.  Greeted by a smiling woman who handed me my CT drivers license and took all the paperwork necessary to register both the Wrangler and the Mini.

I left DMV and was home by 1:30pm.
(DMV is 5.3 miles from my house.)

Removing my See Beautiful bracelet from my wrist,
 I smiled and thought of the nice people I'd chatted with.
Then I filled out the application for my vanity plates.
My dime their time...:)


Texan said…
YIKERS, your a better woman than me! I would have been climbing the walls. You just have to wonder why on earth it takes that long. But good for you, you did a great job keeping a good attitude!
TexWisGirl said…
survival of the fittest, i'd say...
Ann said…
Wow, that was some long day at the DMV. When I had to go for my picture the last time I got there about 10 minutes before they opened and only had about 4 people in line ahead of me.

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