Dear Bloggers,

Why am I so far behind with blogging?  When we lived in Virginia, I was on the computer every day for hours.  Here, I am not.  What is wrong?  Have I lost it?  Am I just too busy now that I have family in my life? 

Will I ever catch up?


...:) JP


Anonymous said…
I would say that is probably the reason. Flesh and blood beats out chips and mother boards any day. Perhaps come winter when folks tend to stay home and hibernate you'll have more time for blogging.
MadSnapper said…
family trumps blogging 100 percent.
MorningAJ said…
It's called 'having a life' and it's a Good Thing!
Inger said…
I'm with Sandra. And since my hubby moved up here permanently, I have so much less time for blogging too. Good thing I'm an early riser and he's not or I would have no time.
TexWisGirl said…
sounds like a great dilemma to have.
Ann said…
well if you figure out the why let me know. I could use less time on my computer. :)
Angela said…
I think you are having the same problem I am only I didn't move! It's summer and there is too much to do. I think I blog more in the winter. I know you are having fun so don't worry about us! We are still here!
Sandra is right--Our lives change and yours really has, and there's not a darn thing wrong with it! :-)
JP, add my sentiments to those already expressed here. Not having time to blog because of other things like family is not something to complain about, as we KNOW you were NOT. Blogging should be done when folks have the time and the urge to do so. I don't always have time to read every blog I'd like to and have stopped commenting on every comment left on my posts.
it seems like i'm ALWAYS behind...and i don't even have any family here!!

sometimes LIFE just happens!! enjoy!!

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