A Quiet Evening

here at home.  A beautiful sunset, as usual, out the living room window.  All was serene.  The dogs were asleep on the deck.  The kitchen had been cleaned up after supper.  Yep, all was nice and quiet
 except for what was about to come on TV.

The Pres treated us the other day and brought home

I loved it!!!
It was awesome!!!  Although the Pres found a ton of illogical things wrong with the movie, I just kept telling him "shhhhhhh".  Me, the logical one, didn't care if the rope was tied incorrectly...I wanted to see the flick and eat my popcorn!

I watched it the next day as well!
I now want the books to enjoy over the Winter.

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TexWisGirl said…
pretty pink sky. haven't seen the movie, yet.
mshatch said…
I just read the book so now I can rent the movie :)
Gail said…
I have been wanting to read the book.
While I know the books are popular with young adults and adults, unlike the Harry Potter series which I read, these are not on my list...but it's a personal voice, so glad you apparently enjoyed it, JP.

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