A Story: The Kitty Sitter

When he asked if I could keep an eye on their cat while they were away, I didn’t hesitate.  After all, they would only be gone for a week and what we talked about was my going their three times…Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  That and with where they would leave the garage door opener for me.  Easy, right?

After they left, Sunday came around quickly and it was time for my first visit.  My tasks?  Give Rocky, the 8 1/2 lb feline, fresh food and water and freshen his litter box.  Easy right?  Since driving to their house takes 1 1/2hrs, I left at nine sharp.  Pulling in the driveway, I noticed they’d left the outside lights on along with several inside their house. 

 Finding the garage door opener right where he said it would be, I pressed the button.  The door opened and then opening the kitchen door, I entered, calling out to Rocky…”it’s only Nana”.  Stepping inside rather cautiously because this 8 1/2 lb feline once attacked me, I again said..."Rocky, it's Nana."

There he was waiting on the basement staircase.  Do I dare take a chance and walk past him, I thought. Passing him on the staircase, I could feel his eyes watching my every move yet everything went smoothly.  I dumped out his water bowls, gave them a nice scrubbing and refilled them.  The food dispenser was in good shape so I moved on to the litter box.
Remembering how I used to clean out the  boxes when I had my three cats as I scooped, I could feel my nasal passages swelling.  I’m allergic to cats...severely but I knew this was all for Rocky.  It was all good...until I went to leave, that is.

The garage door would not close with the opener.  Hmmm?  It closed when I pressed the button mounted on the garage wall but not when I used the opener!  Now what?  I couldn’t very well leave their house until the door was closed.  I didn't have a house key so closing the door manually was not an option.

Let me know when you figure it out…I mean how to get the garage door down using the opener so I can return on Tuesday and Thursday.
For now, the Kitty Sitter is
still here...writing this post.

Maybe...just maybe
 I'll sleep over.

to be continued...


go out the front door, and see if the garage door closes & opens again with the controller from outside.
if so...then hit the wall button from inside the garage...and make a RUN FOR IT before it closes all the way!

OH, and it was TOO good of you to say YES, i'll take care of your cat even though you're very allergic...AND he attacked you in the past!!
Anonymous said…
An hour and a half drive three times a week to sit a potentially violent cat? Don't they have anyone closer who could check in? I'm afraid I would have suggested a stay at the vets while they were away..nana or no nana. As to the garage door opener I'm afraid I have no clue. I've never even had a garage.
Wow, talk about going above and beyond the call of duty. I don't have any idea how to get around the garage door problem, but I sure am impressed with your willingness to drive that far to tend to unruly felines... with an allergy to them, yet. Wow. Hats off to ya.
TexWisGirl said…
close garage from inside. take remote with you thru front door, locking as you go.
mshatch said…
An hour and a half drive to sit on a cat, nice or no, would've elicited a no thanks from me. I would've offered to pay for boarding (3 hours of my time is worth $54 plus the gas and that far exceeds a night at any boarding facility I know).

Oh, and I'd see if I could find something to wedge under the door so it can't close all the way and then remove it once you're outside. Failing that I'd hit the wall button and a run for it.
Ann said…
Oh you are much nicer than I am. I doubt I would take that long of a drive three times to take care of a cat. No clue on the garage door opener. I've never had a garage. Maybe fresh batteries?
Hmmm, I can't wait to see what your solution will be!
Angela said…
Oh my! I will say that our garage door will not open with the opener if my husband pushes the button in the garage that is a security type button. That being said I know that wouldn't be the case since you were able to open the door with the garage door opener. Hmmm...

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