Batches of Color

Walking into the house, with her beads in hand, she immediately stopped at the bench in the hallway.  Looking at her feet, she leaned down to unfasten the velcro, saying "Nana, look at my new sneakers!  Daddy bought them."  Still beaming with pride, she then peeled off her lilac socks and placed them inside the sneakers before placing them in the "shoe cubby"...right next to mine.

In a flash she was gone, heading straight for the chest in the bedroom.  It used to house comforters.  Since we moved back home, it now houses toys which are so much more important!  After hugging her Mom and Dad, I instructed them to make themselves a toasted bagel and go watch the movie with the Pres.  After all, Mia had asked me already..."Nana can we make cookies?"

As I gathered up ingredients, I asked if she wanted to make Chocolate Chip (boring!!!!) or shapes (challenging...using food coloring for the dough & icings!!!!) with my cookie press.

While the cookies cooled we all had lunch.  My DIL and the Pres had lasagne.  My son had leftover Salisbury steak (made with venison by the Pres which are TO DIE FOR!!!!), mashed potatoes and gravy, yellow and green squash sauteed with onions and cauliflower.  Mia and I had mini bow tie pasta.  When we were done, the cookies were ready so...

we made green trees, pink and yellow flowers then decorated them with green, orange and yellow icing and of course, sprinkles. 
That was Sunday.
  I continued to find sprinkles on Monday...LOL!
  We had a GREAT time!!


Bee Lady said…
Awww we used to make those cookies when I was a kid. I need that venison recipe!

Cindy Bee
Aww, grands are such fun! Those cookies always make me think of Christmas!
gld said…
I love hearing how happy you sound these days.

You are storing up some great memories with her. She will always remember making cookies with Grandma.
Cookies!! Sounds like a great Sunday.
COOOOOOOOOKIES!! sprinkles, sprinkles everywhere!!
Anonymous said…
You made more than made a memory.
Love your new header JP. Its a beautiful shot of your garden.
The cookie baking- well, nothing like baking cookies with our grandaughters, sheer delight.
The venison and food that you cooked with the pres sounds delicious. I have only eaten venision twice in my life.
Nice post JP
happy weekend
Inger said…
What a great description of Mia's arrival, followed by such a lovely family day, and ending perfectly with cookies! What could be better than a day like that?
Ann said…
It sounds like a great day.
mshatch said…
Sounds like you have as much fun with your granddaughter as I do with my niece. I have her on Wednesdays and this week she showed me how to make a friendship bracelet :)

That's what Sundays are for - get togethers and cookies!

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