Help us! said the bark of Copper Lucas Aspen, the inquisitive mixed breed who’s been with us for nine years.  Looking up from my laptop and in the direction of the dogs, their body language said it all.  Continuing to watch, I clicked away.


We need you to help us get this stupid chipmunk out of the tree! said the brave dog with a lot of “tude.”


He’s climbed up the trunk and we can’t reach him, he continued.


For crying out loud, could you come give us a hand? said the cantankerous Lab~Pit mix.

(Let me interject here.  Do you see how well behaved the wild woman is?)


Never mind, I’ll do it myself! said the brazen lad.


Does he know what he’s in for? said the spokesperson of the team continuing to EAT THE TREE!
One more thing…I did get up and go over to the tree, telling Copper and Moon that the chipmunk was up too high for Mommy to reach.  They were not happy.
 Ah, yes...another disappointing day in the country!


I think they're confused as to why you're not climbing up there to get it for them...
Mary said…
Love watching the dogs have their brand of fun. :)
EG CameraGirl said…
Chipmunks sure do provide great entertainment. :)
MorningAJ said…
Awww. Poor chipmunk! (Of course we don't have them over here. Maybe if I met any I might change my mind there!) :)
Jill said…
Zippy says he has the same frustration. He also says to hang in there Copper and day...that little chipmunk will not find that tree..
MadSnapper said…
i enjoyed your story.. a good one and love all the pics
TexWisGirl said…
we have so many scarred trees here from the dogs' 'barking'. :)
Ashling said…
Well now, if you were a good mommy, you'd have climbed right on up! No wonder there was such disappointment.

What beautiful dogs!
A day in the life of a dog.
The chipmunk was teasing him , i am sure.
poor little chipmunk..
we dont have them here.
lovely dogs JP.
Inger said…
Those critters will drive a dog crazy!!! Mine do it when a gopher pops its head in and out of its hole in the ground. Drives them nuts!
mshatch said…
luckily my lab is dumb enough that once it disappears, it's forgotten.
Gail said…
Wonderful series.
Ann said…
Well it was at least a lucky day for the chipmunk :) As I'm typing this I'm listening to Duke bark at some unknown object out the front window. I don't see a think but he sure does

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