Always finding new things on my kayaking adventures.

Look what Mother Nature gave me on this trip...all those vibrant reflections, old wood, new growth and that turtle too!  I never even knew he was in the picture…that little whippersnapper snuck in at the last minute…



So pretty - I want to go kayaking with you!
EG CameraGirl said…
LOVELY! And I'm jealous you were on a kayak adventure. :)
Joy Tilton said…
Beautiful place! Kayaking would be so much fun AND great exercise! I told my husband I've love to have a canoe but maybe a kayak is even better! Thanks so much for your comment this morning on Organized People.. that shouldn't have posted until next week since I do a blog for the Farmer's Co-op every Thursday! I will re-post it next Friday with your comment... thanks!
Anonymous said…
Lovely shot.
What a lovely place!! I love those unexpected moments and things that pop up in our photos when we least expect them!
Unknown said…
Well, he's still hiding from me, but the picture is gorgeous. That kayaking must bring so much peace!

Happy seeing beautiful!
Ann said…
it's a beautiful shot

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