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I've been looking for some "apps" for my phone that would help me identify birds since I generally carry my phone with me.  Thus far, I've downloaded both "i Bird Lite" and i Bird Pro.  The latter requires WiFi since it houses in excess of 900 birds.  The former was insufficient for what I wanted to have access to and learn from as far as an application goes.  The latter has a much broader base of birds and only cost a few bucks.

So, in the evening when the sun drops behind the trees in the yard, I take my phone outside with me while I sit, relax and keep the dogs company.  The past few months, we've had a lot of Eastern Towhees here.  

They're the ones whose melody sounds like "drink your tea" and are so bold and brilliant in their markings, they're unmistakable.  Quite often, I open the "app" and play the calls as they come in to feed.

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Katherines Corner~Favorite Things

Oh, one more thing...
did you notice I went green?
After all, green goes with everything.
Mother Nature uses it all the time!


What a pretty little bird JP. You're getting this mosaic thing down!

I do like the soft green.
Anonymous said…
Lovin' the green..and..what a sweet little bird.
TexWisGirl said…
the towhee is so pretty! and i like your soft green backdrop. :)
Jill said…
Great shots of the Towhees! The bird apps sound interesting. I am a new iphone user myself. I may have to give the i Bird pro a try! Thanks for the info.
MorningAJ said…
We don't have towhees over here. What branch of bird-dom do they belong to? They have a sort of finch thing going on - but I have no idea how big they are.
You seem to be enjoying your summer so much, what with the kayaking, the hiking and meeting new people. I need to get one of those birding programs too, but need the phone first!!
what a pretty Towhee!! nice mosaic...and i love the new pastel green...GO GREEN!
Rob-bear said…
Bear is not so fond of apps, but loves looking at birds. Glad to see the Tohee; I haven't seen one for a long time.

And, yes, green is good.
Mary said…
This bird looks abit like an oriole -- it's lovely.

Lovin' the green on your blog. :)
eileeninmd said…
Lovely mosaic. The Towhee couple are pretty. One of my favorite birds to hear and see.
That is a very pretty bird. B
Pat said…
Lovely shots. The Towhee is a pretty little bird.
Ann said…
I love the green and that sounds like a very handy app to have
Eat To Live said…
Beautiful bird and great shot of him... her... probably a him cause he is so pretty.

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