Is He In?

Out to Dinner 8212

I remembered to bring my camera.
And stop.
(Quite often I bring the camera and forget to stop!!!)
I’ve admired this little building ever since we moved to the Center.  Isn’t it just darling?  Then, when I began taking pictures, I read it’s history! 
It was the Sheriff’s Office at one time.
It then became the doctor's office!
Wishing he was in.
I would go to him becasue of the building!!!!
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Mary said…
It's adorable! I can imagine Doc from Gunsmoke practicing there. :)
that looks like a little house in some fairyland!

so tiny! i wonder if his office desk converts into a patient table.

it's even harder to imagine that little house as a sheriff's office. but i guess that's a good sign...there must not be too much trouble in Fairyland!! =)
Anonymous said…
It's amazing how little space people felt they needed as opposed to now.
MadSnapper said…
adorable! and did it have a teeny tiny jail inside? heh heh heh
Ann said…
what a cute little building that is.
Bee Lady said…
It's adorable. Would be a cute potting shed! I love historic buildings.

Cindy Bee
It's great, JP. that you had your camera along and were able to capture this little piece of history to share. Makes me think that back then there weren't too many prisoners or patients!
Lynn Proctor said…
that is the cutest thing and i love yellow :)
Oh I love this little place. I would go to a Doctor there too just to see inside:) B
Joy Tilton said…
Too cool! I love that little building, I guess it's the Conn. equivalent of the MediQuick shops at Walmart!
carol l mckenna said…
wow! such history in this small building ~ lovely photos ~ (A Creative Harbor)
Terriea Kwong said…
Looks like a fairy land, pictures in a story book, scenery in a movie.
Epic said…
How adorable! I'm popping by to visit from Katherine's linky!
An Apel a Day said…
It is so cute! It looks like a giant doll house.
Pat said…
What a charming little building!
Bettey said…
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What an adorable little place. Nancy C. is right...Doc from Gunsmoke is in the house! -LOL-
Visiting via Rural Thursday Blog Hop.
a charming building with quite a history. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday hop xo

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