No Time

Not feeling that great today as I've been fighting a sinus infection for the past few days.  I have allergies and apparently that pretty yellow stuff (aka Ragweed) that grows everywhere has begun pollinating, playing havoc with my sinuses.

Yep.  It was time to dig the Netti Pot and my home~made rice bag out of the linen closet.


That reminds me...I need to tell you how to make one of these miraculous bags!  I've made different sizes.  Simply sew two pieces of felt together on three sides, fill it with dry white rice and then stitch the open end to seal.  Pop it in the microwave and place it over your sinus or ear (for an ear ache) or muscle (for moist heat comfort).  Delivering a nice consistent moist heat for an extended period of time, It is AWESOME!!!!  

Anyway, hopefully I can continue to defer a full-blown infection because...quite honestly, I just don't have the time to be sick!

Today we are heading to RI to:

drop off a bushel of fresh picked corn...

pick-up a queen sized mattress and box-spring from my daughter's.

Return home and I have my Tai Chi Class.

Taking two separate vehicles, tomorrow the Pres will bring the mattress/box-spring to the our oldest daughter's house tomorrow morning while I head over to my son's for my last "kitty sitting" adventure.

Of course, that's before we go pick a few more bushels of corn...

to bring to our youngest daughter's...

so to help her shuck, cook (using our propane burner) and put-up corn for her family for the winter.

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sorry to hear of your sinus problems...feel better JP!!
sounds like you have some running around to do...take it easy if u can...between runs! =)
I wish someone would bring me a bushel of corn!

Hope you feel better. I love those rice bag things. When I was pregnant and couldn't take cough medicine when I got a bad cough once I put it on my neck and it worked like a charm to help me stop coughing!
Empty Nester said…
I'm fighting the very same thing here! I usually get a hefty case of hay-fever in September or October but it came early this year. And it's must less intense than it usually is. But still annoying and still trying to turn into a sinus infection. Allergies suck. There's just no other way to say it. LOL
Anonymous said…
Sinus problems can be so painful. Feel better soon.
TexWisGirl said…
good luck fighting it off! i'd tell you to rest but that's a laugh!
Ann said…
oh no, I've been having problems with my seasonal allergies lately and I know how NOT fun it is. Hope you feel better soon.

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