Did I tell you that the Pres volunteered to work the polls for both the state and national elections?  Shocked the heck out of me when he told me he'd volunteered!  But he did.  I'd warned him though that he can't corner people and give them his opinion.  To say it bluntly, I told him he has to keep his mouth shut!!  You see, the Pres is very vocal when it comes to politics...always has been...and I didn't want him to be fired before or during his duties.

Attending a meeting a few weeks ago, he was pretty quite about his job.  Of course, the night before the local elections, he attended another meeting which was for setting up the tables and booths.  Again, not much said. 
However, his job was quite interesting actually.  He had to hand everyone their paper ballot and account for all the ballots at the end of the night which really scared me.  Why?
Because it takes him three hours to balance his checkbook!

Yet, election night when he got home, he boasted..."Oh I found out that I'm getting paid...$150.00" which he seemed happy about of course.  In fact he seemed happier about that than the food they provided (bagels, donuts, coffee, juice for breakfast and salad, grinders, cold beverages and cookies for supper). 

I just said to him again tonight..."Honey were you as shocked as I ...was to find that Connecticut is using paper ballots?"  

His response?
"I said to them the day of the elections...when are you getting out of the dark ages?"

I guess we really are rural.

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Angela said…
LOL That's funny JP! I can't believe they are still using paper ballots! Even where I live we now have the computerized voting system. Touch screen and all, but when I first moved to where I live now I was shocked when I went to vote to find that they were using the paper ballots. I had always used the punch system style for voting and seriously thought they were doing something wrong with the paper ballots! lol
Really, we don't even have paper ballots!

Dude, I really am shocked he volunteered - it does seem out of character! ;-)
Joy Tilton said…
We're a political family too, hey.. it affects our jobs and our paychecks! I grew up talking politics at the table so it was a natural progression I guess. I have to LOL thinking how hard the Pres has to work to keep his opinions in! Good for him, it's hard work for $150 and a bagel... tell him Good Job for me! Paper ballots, omg!
TexWisGirl said…
wow. who'da thunkit!?
Ann said…
paper ballots huh? well how about that

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