Road Trip

Last Wednesday night I got the call.  "Mom, do you want to come to the beach tomorrow?  I'm off," said my daughter.  Thursday was either kayaking or family time and I opted for family time at the beach.  

The Pres wanted to stay home and do nothing.  He was pooped because he's been busy!  He's made nearly six cases of his hot dog relish on Tuesday, shucked, cooked and scraped two hundred...yep HUNDRED ears of corn for freezing, has been going hunting at least once a week (got one and gave it away to a fella who really needed the meat), worked in his Mom's garden and began canning some tomatoes.  

Besides all that we dropped his truck off at the garage late Wednesday afternoon.  It needs a new heater core!  It's been one thing after another with the truck lately but for all the years we've had it, it has been maintenance free.

Anyway, so I headed to RI while the Pres rested.  After spending the entire day at the beach, my daughter and I did a little browsing in the local bathing suit store which caters to the entire family!   I was looking for a racer-back tankini top.
Found one size 10.
Way too big.
The search continues.
Besides with summer over and the leaves beginning to fall, perhaps prices will fall and I should be able to find one somewhere on clearance!


Samantha said…
I'm waiting for Athleta's big sale for a new swimsuit..fingers crossed they have something good in my size!

I am totally in love with the Pres. A man that makes relish and shucks corn is high on my list. Maybe he will share his relish recipe.
Lynn Proctor said…
sounds like a great time--i want corn now :)
EG CameraGirl said…
The Pres sounds very, VERY special! I'd say he's a keeper.
Inger said…
The Pres is awesome! I'm glad you had a good day with your daughter.
The Pres, has certainly been busy. The relish sounds delish.
Great that you had a good day out with your daughter JP: its good to have a change.. and not much left of summer.
thank you for all your kind comments.. I am glad we know each other.
val x x
Unknown said…
Hot dog relish????? Is he selling it? That just sounds divine! You all have been up to seeing and creating lots of beautiful!

Happy seeing beautiful (and thank you so much for your super sweeet comment on See Beautiful. It made our day)!
Ann said…
My husband makes a chili sauce (that's what he calls it) for hot dogs all the time. It's his specialty :)
Sounds like you and your daughter had a good day aside from not finding a suit
I'm glad the Pres got to take a break, and you got to enjoy your day too, and you have another reason to go shopping again to look for that elusive racer-back tankini top! :-)
Good luck finding the tankini - now is a good time as they'll be on sale!

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