Space for Shade...Uh~Oh!!!

Grocery shopping last Saturday, I planned on using my store coupon which read: 

Buy $50 worth of groceries and get 300 points

Thinking that was a deal, I wandered up and down the isles trying to spend my $50 wisely (especially since I'd JUST gone grocery shopping on Friday!).

I picked up a few packages of Perdue chicken breasts ($14.00), a couple of boxes of Special K crackers (2 for $6.00) and thought about the remaining $30.00.  Then I noticed that the summer stuff was 50% off.  It was all on clearance.  They had resin Adirondack chairs in various colors for $9.99 but I chose a nice tan and hunter green patio umbrella for the table on the deck...on sale for $29.99!

As usual I went through the self~checkout isle, got my coupon for my 300 points (which equates to the .30 cents off each gallon at the pump) and carefully steered the cart with the umbrella protruding behind me out the automatic doors and out to the parking lot smiling.  I love bargains!


Did you ever try squeezing a 9 ft umbrella into a Mini Cooper?

Imagine that?
I forgot about all my 6 P's.
(Helpful Hint: Prior proper planning prevents poor performance)

You should have been there!!!....:)  LOL!!!!


Super post JP..
What a great bargain.. and walking out with the 300 points and goodies to boot.. fantastic.
Now and again a bargain catches my eye..
I love the umbrella its a big one and looks very nice.
wishing you a happy weekend
Anonymous said…
Nice umbrella....I'l bet the drive home with the umbrella out the window was fun.
Nancy C said…
Great bargains -- I would have loved to see you drive down the street with your umbrella in tow. :)
gld said…
I love that umbrella. It was worth the trouble.

We have tied things outside the car windows.....of course you would have had to have had ties....
mshatch said…
I have to agree, that's a pretty attractive umbrella :)
TexWisGirl said…
too dang funny! at least you were successful. :)
Hee hee, I bet it was funny stuffing that in the mini!
Inger said…
I'm glad you got it home, it's a great looking umbrella. And points to boost!
Ann said…
well it looks like it all worked out in the end and that is a really nice umbrella
I love a good deal and would have loved to see that umbrella in your car--Did it get its own seat and seatbelt? :-)
Ashling said…
Looks like you managed it, and it's a great umbrella!
Annesphamily said…
You find a great bargain! I am trying to get Nick organized for college and it is hard to stuff a lot of things into a limited space! Wish us luck!

Always sweet to see you visiting me! Enjoy your new umbrella and have a wonderful week!
eileeninmd said…
I see you got the umbrella home, so you found a way to fit it in the mini-cooper. Nice looking umbrella, I like it. Have a wonderful week ahead.
Bee Lady said…
No but I bought some tiki torches at a garage sale once and I tried to fit them into my convertible. I had to put the top down and my girlfriend sat in the back seat holding the torches upright until I got home! Couldn't lay them down because they still had oil in them!

Cindy Bee
Wish you also had a photo of the umbrella while it weas still in the mini, JP.

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