Taking It All In

Designed to help improve both physical and mental fitness and aid in relaxation, Tai Chi emanated from an ancient Chinese martial art and chee is the vital energy or life force animated in all living things in the universe.  
I’ve always wanted to learn Tai Chi.  I’d watch the commercial on television where Tai Chi participants, dressed in their uniforms,  practiced on the grass in the park while the birds chirped in the background.  I’d always pictured myself doing this, taking it all in…the air, the sounds, the relaxation (and perhaps some bird poop too!). 

When we lived in Virginia, I signed up for a Tai Chi Class which was held in Roanoke.  However, after attending only a handful of classes, I stopped going.  The reason?  The instructor simply said, “Just follow me.  Do what I do.”  He was one of those.  That didn't impress me as an "instructor", although he certainly had the credentials.  Besides that, he could never grasp the concept of my nickname let alone master the spelling of “JP.”  That put me over the edge!

  Needless to say, I decided he just wasn’t for me and dropped out after a few classes.  I needed to learn the basics...the fundamentals... the concepts.

So guess what I’m doing?  
Yep…taking Tai Chi, which meets twice a week through the end of August.  Striving to improve balance and give you the basics, it's a small class which is great.  I feel so relaxed when I leave!

Although I've only gone a few times thus far, I think it will prepare me for the beginners Tai Chi class starting this Fall.  Our instructor is AWESOME and has been studying for eight years!

Oh, one more thing...
he did NOT have a problem with my nickname...:)


Anonymous said…
Good for you. I tried Tai Chi once but I am so hopelessly unco-ordinated I dropped out after the first class.
i never tried TaiChi...good luck with the class. i bet it'll be fun & fit! :)
I do Yoga now, it's done wonders for body aches, flexibility and over all -feelgood-. I bet Tai Chi does the same for you, good for you!
Chatty Crone said…
I tried Tai Chi once but with my artificial knee and hip I was uncoordinated - I finished the class, but not well. So great for you! sandie
mshatch said…
I'd love to learn Tai Chi. Having a good instructor helps.
Oh, you've reminded me that I haven't been practicing my tai chi while we're traveling this summer. I'm a beginner too. Have a wonderful instructor at home and have great DVDs here with me, but have I used them?????
Anonymous said…
nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more..i found your blog thrue other follower...blessings
Eat To Live said…
How wonderful for you. I would love to learn something like that, our small bohunk town offers nothing like that.
Rob-bear said…
I have done some Tai Chi. I am hoping to do more this autumn. I need it for the physical fitness.
Ann said…
I've never tried Tai Chi but I would like to if only I could find the time
Anonymous said…
hi thanks for visiting my blog...hope the contact remains...glad to hear from you..loves
Hi JP: how i would love to do tai chi..
I believe very much in "chi" it works ..when our chi is balanced we are one.
There is nothing like that here. I would have to go to the city.
Now and again. I pretend and think i am doing it..): moving my arms and legs with those movements.. ha..
pleased you like your new instructor.. the other one seems he must have had language problems.!
thank you for leaving such kind comments on my blog.
wishing you a happy weekend
Annesphamily said…
Sounds like you know what you want! I hope you learn a lot and enjoy it all in the process!

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