To Swim on Not to Swim

Yesterday we headed to RI to spend the day with Jennifer and Angel.  Planning on looking at (and possibly working on) one of their cars, the Pres had placed the ramps, the under-car dolly (I really don't know the right name for it but found out it's called a "creeper") along with the necessary tools into his truck early Thursday evening right before we went out to eat.  Meanwhile I prepared the beach back-pack/cooler and we left the house right on schedule Friday morning.

After looking at the SAAB and deciding that a professional mechanic should get involved, we all headed to the beach to catch a few rays, rub our feet in the sand and swim in that awesome know, the one where twelve went out and only one returned!   LOL!!!

Speaking of the ocean, did you here about the man who was attacked by a Great White shark up at the Cape?
Hmmmm lets see...looking at this map provided by Google,(Coastal-Massachusetts-Rhode-Island), 
it seems to me that I...I mean we...should be safe.

But, would you go in?

Spreading out our blanket and setting up the chairs in our usual spot, this was what we saw when we arrived.  Regardless of what you think, I personally wasn't really that comfortable about entering the water at this point in time!

Yet, after just a short while and the sun burned off the haze, I was ready for my first attempt at the boogie board!

That's my good knee in the bottom left of the photo.
The bad one got a "tad" banged up when I rolled off the boogie board and hit the bottom...
in about 2 feet of water while holding onto the boogie board's rope with my teeth!!

There's a lesson here:
Life is like the beach...
sometimes things are unclear
sometimes not
sometimes we fall off
the key is
and for God's sake,


Anonymous said…
That water looked cold, choppy and dangerous in the first photo. Boogie board? What is that?
Great message! and you know, I think about the sharks, too.. especially when we visit the Vineyard. Ugh!...
MadSnapper said…
color me to old to boogie or boogie board and no to the would i go in the water.
TexWisGirl said…
well, glad you got in. i'd have definitely hit the water but maybe not the boogie board. :)
I totally agree with you and I've never been on a boogie board... :-)
Inger said…
I loved the Atlantic Ocean, big waves, warm water. I would definitely go in and body surf. Probably not on a boogie board though.
mshatch said…
come to Maine, then you can just sit on the rocks and look out over the ocean, peacefully, quietly, :)
Chatty Crone said…
Amen to that JP! sandie
Ann said…
a perfect lesson and it looks like it was the perfect day.

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