A Man Named Bruce

The other afternoon right before supper, the doorbell rang.  Seeing a car in the driveway with a "j-hook" on the roof, the Pres thought it might be someone I met kayaking but he was wrong.

A small well-groomed man stood before us.  "Did you folks loose a rabbit?" he asked in a soft spoken voice.

Looking perplexed both the Pres and I followed him to the end of our walk as he went to his car.  He returned carrying the cage he'd removed from the passenger seat of his car.  Peering into the cage, there it was...a light brown lop eared bunny with the softest fur you could ever imagine!  It's big brown glassy eyes sparkled as I reached in to pet him.  My voice seemed to clam him which made us think he was familar with a female owner.

The man, who called himself Bruce, went on to tell us that the night before as he headed home passing our gravel road, he saw "something" crouched down in the middle of the paved road.  After watching a car straddle it, he pulled over to see what it was, afraid it would get hit.  "Now we know why the dogs were barking like crazy last night," I said to the Pres.

Although unharmed, the weak lop had made it's way over to the bottom of our gravel road.  As Bruce approached, he could see how lethargic the poor little thing was, huddled in a ball.  He walked right over to it, picked it up and then drove home with it cradled in his lap.  Once home he gave him a "good long drink" before calling a neighbor friend.

The poor little thing was so weak he assumed it hadn't eaten.  Knowing she had a rabbit, he asked her for some rabbit food, since it was too late to go back out to the store.  Well, the little lop ate and drank "quite a bit" he said, which made him think it's been outside a good while!  The next morning the little guy had perked right up.   

Don't worry though, the lop will have a new home if no one claims it.

  No, not us.  Heaven knows I wanted it!

  I got that look from the Pres (I'm sure you know the one I'm talking about!!!) when I asked.

    Bruce's neighbor will be taking care of
the little lost lop!

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TexWisGirl said…
adorable little thing! glad a good samaritan found him!
What a cutie! I would have taken it. Glad there are still kind people in the world.
Ashling said…
Ooooohhhh...what a little cutie!!
MorningAJ said…
Oh he's lovely! I'd have kept him. I'm a soft touch.
EG CameraGirl said…
OH! I want to hug that little cutie!
Anonymous said…
What a sweet little guy.
Anonymous said…
What a sweet little guy.
Chatty Crone said…
Well he was adorable and I would love to keep him - allergies darn it. Sweet someone good got him.
Gail said…
Many people do not understand the work of caring for any animal. Long after Easter, the bunny's not so cute anymore.

They do not think this rabbit was raised on pellets and water bottles and knows not how to survive in the wild.

What a kind person to rescue it.
Ann said…
aw how sweet and lucky for the little bunny that Bruce came along when he did.
I do know the look you are talking about. It's the same one I get every time I mention that I want a kitten :)
Oh I am so happy he was found he sure is cute. B
Nancy C said…
I would sneak it into the house and hide it away somewhere. Lol.
What a sweet little bunny. I remember when my kids had bunnies... well, let's leave that lay. Best wishes, Thanks for sharing your story. Linda
co host of Favorite Things Party.
I tried following you on Twitter but I couldn't click on the little blue birdie.

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