Chai Tea

Our class ran later than normal so as we approached the double doors, we really were not paying attention to what was outside...until I pushed open the door.  The driving rain was so heavy I could hardy see my Mini in the parking lot.  Approaching it was even more of a surprise!  Apparently I parked in a low spot and it was surrounded by water so deep I discovered it was over my sneakers when I waded through to get in the car!

However, I really wasn't concerned as it handles so well in inclement weather that I hit the Start button and flicked on the lights and wipers.  The roads I take to get home are mostly back roads lined with beautiful New England trees...maples, elms, oaks and even a few sycamores...and are well maintained and have homes nearly all the way, so once again, I wasn't worried.  

However, the driving wind and rains had pelted and pummeled it's way into Lebanon and I dodged debris in the road nearly all the way home!  Just as I crested the rise not far from home, there were flashing yellow lights.  The tree experts, clearing the road that lay before me, were out already removing fallen limbs during the midst of the storm!  All I had left was our small piece of the pie.
Thank goodness the limbs down on our gravel road gave me enough room to dodge them too!
All is well.
 Time for a cup of Chai Tea...:)


Wow JP. Thats what you call Luck. God was with you.
Those heavy storms can be nasty.
I am glad you got home safely..
the tea sounds just what was needed and the pie of course.!
Happy weekend.
MorningAJ said…
Glad you're home safe and sound. Enjoy the tea (one of my favourites)
Inger said…
When I lived in Princeton, almost 50 years ago now, my boyfriend drove a Mini Cooper. Whenever I read about yours, I remember him!!! Glad you got home safely to your cuppa.
Ann said…
I hate driving in heavy rain. Glad you made it home safely to that cup of tea. I love the smell of chai tea

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