"Follow Me" Through Labor Day

 Over the Labor Day weekend, we were busy just like everyone else!  First of all, it's the first Labor Day that the Pres and I have "celebrated" in nine years (since we left Connecticut) and going to my BIL/SIL's house on Monday was something I'd been looking forward to. 

However, let's start with Sunday.  My son had asked us if I wanted to meet them at a place not far from here...The Dinosaur Place.

Mia loved holding the map as we followed her along the path along the lake and through the woods.
A born leader!!!  Occasionally she would turn towards us and say,"Shhhh.  Everyone needs to be quiet back there!" or "Guys, you've got to be quiet and tiptoe."

There were dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.

Some with long nails...
Some had long tails...
Some had spikes
Some made us say "YIKES!"
Some had humps...
And some had bumps...
Some had long legs
And one even had eggs!

After trekking though the forest for about 1 1/2 miles, seeing and hearing the dinosaurs and seeing replicas of fossils, we headed towards the playground where my son told us to follow him through the maze.
(I found out that day my son is NOT a born leader!!!)

 I took so many pictures that I'm making them into a keepsake book for Mia using Shutterfly.  

 As you can see by the pix, we had a 
great time!  
First the walk.
Then the playground.
Then the water park!
  Why, I was so pooped that I needed a big strong shoulder to lean on when we were done!

Yep...look closely...that's Nana!


Anonymous said…
What a great place.
mshatch said…
wow, what a cool place! My brother would've LOVED that as a kid. Might still love it :)
Bee Lady said…
What a fun place! I think I need a dinosaur statue for our woods. When people are walking through it, they kind of stumble upon a leg or something then look up to see a dinosaur!

Cindy Bee
carol l mckenna said…
Wow! What a fun place ~ made for kids! And Grandmothers ~ great photos and wonderful that you are making it into a keepsake book ~ for your granddaughter ~ enjoy the weekend ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Always good to have your 'visit' ~ ^_^
There's no better time than that spent with the g'children!
My little g'son would love this place. He's dino crazy!!

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