Keeping Love Warm

We’d been talking about it for a while now.  When we left for Tractor Supply to pick up the pellet stove and pipe kit, we knew we’d be home late.  Before we left, I made sure the rules were perfectly clear…”eat your supper…be strong and brave…you wait…I’ll be back.”  Silly as it sounds, Moon and Copper knew just what I was saying.

Once we got to their house, the Pres and our son immediately began to unload the stove and brought it down to the basement.  “Venting the pipe through the window will work out perfectly,” said the Pres.  Although he was taken by surprise by both our arrival and their gift, both were very grateful and must have thanked us at least ten times!!  “Consider it a gift” were the words used…”something you can use…something practical…you know your mother" said the Pres.

Sharing is so rewarding, don’t you think?  A little extra attention, some conversation, and just being together is so heart warming!!  Hmmm?  I wonder if my daughter wants to go on vacation in October?  Nice gift…she’d like that!

Oh…one more thing.
Mia loved the book I had made (via Shutterfly)!!  I titled it “Mia visits the Dinosaur Place.”  Her first reaction was “Daddy look, a book about dinosaurs” and then once she turned the pages and saw she was in it, out came the the best exclamation ever…“Daddy this book is all about ME.  Look Daddy, there you are.  Daddy, look I’m climbing the ropes.  There I am in the maze! Look at me at the water park!  There’s Auntie and Mommy and Nana!” 

Yep.  Keeping love warm in rural Connecticut...
for all of us...
those we love are worth it!


Sounds like the perfect gifts overall!
Sounds like the perfect gifts overall!
Inger said…
What a heartwarming post. I can just see Mia, so surprised and excited to be in a real book.
Anonymous said…
That was a super gift. I love getting useful and practical things.
Ashling said…
What a perfect gift, practical, that warms the coldest nights. Good job!
Ann said…
aw, so sweet. Sounds like your family is loaded with heartwarming love :)
Since I am thinking of having a photo book made of my mopther's recent birthday celebration, I agree this was a perfect gift and one which will last!

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