Mums…THE word

Before we got to Mom’s to pick green beans and tomatoes, we stopped at Paulie’s.  This man has been a good friend of my husband ever since high school.  We saw him marry, settle down and raise his family not far from the greenhouse business he started by working the land left to him and his brother.  He made into a multi million dollar business.


“Take what you want,” he said with that smile.  That’s what he always tells me.
We selected six, which are now planted along the stone wall outside the kitchen window.  That way, I can keep an eye on them…and think of Paulie’s smile.


A nice friend, indeed, JP. Looking forward to seeing the plants at your home.
Ann said…
What a nice friend and those are gorgeous mums. They are so big and full. I've always liked mums.
Anonymous said…
That was very generous of him.
TexWisGirl said…
how wonderful! love that he is so successful (with a lot of work, i'm certain!)
Ashling said…
A world of mums! Awesome! What colors did you choose?
Unknown said…
Mums just seem to be the flower of Autumn.. great post!

Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice
Chatty Crone said…
Wow you could really do some landscaping at your home.
Oh how awesome is that greenhouse! I really want some Autumn colors here but can only do a few pots up high to keep them from the critters. Maybe this weekend....if I buy the plants, Autumn will come and stay.

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