Putting on the Brakes

As the Pres asked me what kind of vegetable I wanted to have for supper that evening, I swallowed a breath of air and tried to respond at the same time.  The result?  Hiccups...big ones!

I've always just let them run their course and eventually they go away.  So as the pork loin continued to cook on the grill with the baked home grown potatoes on the rack above, I took out the cole slaw and leftover corn on the cob from the frig and continued to hiccup.

Hearing the all to familiar ring on my cell phone, I picked up the call and said, "Hiccup...hey Babe...Mommy's got hiccups."  As we talked about the upcoming shower she's throwing for her best friend, I continue to hiccup.

Apparently she was tired of hearing them.  The next thing out of her mouth was "Mom, what's your full given name?"  My mind reeled.  One minute we were talking about the floral centerpieces and the next thing I knew my mind had put on it's breaks and said "WHAT?  WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THAT?"

"What's your full given name?" she repeated calmly.

Right after I answered her, she said, "You're hiccups are gone."

And they were!!!

She then told me that it's because I had to stop and think that they stopped!

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Oh, one more thing.  I got the hiccups just the other day while I was driving.
I asked myself the same question.
I said my full given name out loud.
My hiccups went away.


Gail said…
Wonderful tip!!!
Anonymous said…
And if that fails you sometime, for some inexplicable reason, try this:
take a deep breath
hold it while bending forward at the waist
while still holding your breath in this position...plug your ears and swallow...
it should work.
That's a new one to me! I usually just eat a spoonful of peanut butter. But you know I love peanut butter.
Anonymous said…
I forgot...you are supposed to pinch your nose, not plug your ears. It's been a long time since I needed the remedy.
TexWisGirl said…
you must have one heckuva handle! :)
Ashling said…
Must be one heck of a name...
My husband has the same problem at times--Can you give me YOUR NAME so I can have him try your remedy too? :-) But maybe a better question for him to remember would be my birthday!!
Mary said…
That's too cool. Your daughter is one smart cookie. :)

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