Savor Your Day

Now that the weather is cooler here, I wanted to really fill my day on Monday.  First...the gym because of the way my clothes fit and the clothes I can fit in to once again!  Once I got home, I quickly changed into my shorts, filled my cooler with a few goodies and water bottle, grabbed the camera, cell and The Wrangler keys and headed out the door.

It was shortly after eleven and I wondered if I would see anything of interest mid-day.  I must admit that I've become quite proficient at this new sport of mine and have not yet tired of it.  Perhaps you can see why.

What's NOT to like when floating on a glass lake?

What's not to like when looking down reveals the same as looking up?

What's not to like when you see things in a whole new perspective.

What's not to like?  Drifting past the sunning turtles.

What's not to like when the things I wanted to capture (ducks) left their trail in the water leaving this crane holding the bag!

After all, Tuesday will be shopping for the upcoming shower and Tai Chi.
Wednesday...gym and pedicure.
Thursday...Goodwin Forest Walk (am) visit our son (afternoon) and Tai Chi.
Friday...gym and more kayaking hopefully
Saturday...the shower.
Sunday...yard work and REST
because next week we're going to


ZielonaMila said…
Fantastic photographs, I love forest and I love such views. I am greeting
Beautiful photos JP:
what a calm peaceful place to kyack..
You are sure busy!..
I am not sure where the big E is.. !!!
hope that you have a good time.
best wishes
val x
MorningAJ said…
Gorgeous photos! I love the heron.
gld said…
You do live in a spectacularly beautiful area and I can tell you appreciate it.

Have a super time at the Big E
Tiggeriffic said…
How awesome ! you are kayaking ~! that is so cool~!~!
So peaceful and calming.. I love the heron..he looks so regal.
Have a great Thursday ~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)
Texan said…
Very peaceful looking :O)... sounds like you have a full schedule of all good things! :O)
Anonymous said…
You've certainly got your time filled up. Lovely photos.
TexWisGirl said…
beautiful scenes. thanks for sharing with us.
serene...beautiful...and restful...
I love your photos and the serenity that it brings and peace that it no doubts gives your mind--I miss that now that the stink bugs have taken over our outside! :-)))!!
Ann said…
I can't see a thing there that isn't likeable.
Inger said…
Your photos make me want to jump in my Wrangler and go find a lake. They are absolutely magnificent. Wow!

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