Stashing Acorns

Stuffing the freezer full of corn, red and green peppers and green beans, I felt like a squirrel stashing his acorns for the winter.  Then we washed the pots and pans that we used hanging them on the fence to dry.  We were done with those until next year.  All the kids and my MIL had theirs.  They are all set until next summer. 

Next our our agenda?  Sauce from freshly picked tomatoes that the Pres will get this week from the farm before he goes hunting.

On Saturday, the Pres went to his brothers and together they cleared some of the down trees on acreage that his brother co-owns.  This will become yet another hunting source for the Pres when rifle season opens in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, don't think we've been shirking our duties here at the house.  We've been working on clearing just a little bit more of the brush around the house.  The Pres attacked the dead brush with one of his chain saws and then added it to one of the burn piles that have been growing and growing since we last burned.  Since we just had heavy rains, it was time.


So I lied

Not everyone worked that day!


Anonymous said…
That hint of fall in the air gets us all scurrying around like squirrels.
oooooh nice stuffed freezer!!

oh yeah, that clearing & burning...a never ending job!!
TexWisGirl said…
i want some heavy rains!!!
Inger said…
You guys are busy, but it's fun, isn't it? I've been clearing rabbit brush by hand and I'm enjoying myself so much!
I will be doing that next month JP:
We have to have a licence to burn here in my area, and it can only be the month of October. Otherwise we get a fine.
We have a lot of wild fires here..but that is in my municipality.
I have lots of old dead wood and sticks and odd wood around fom the trees..need a real good clean up.
Wow. you have been busy preserving.
It looks a good stock that you have there now.
great photos. The trees are really tall where you are.
happy weekend JP
val x
EG CameraGirl said…
You sound soooo busy but working on all these chores can be so fulfilling. Your freezer looks packed. No one in your family will go hungry this winter.
carol l mckenna said…
Great post ~ stocking up ~ Which I need to start soon ~ love the photo of your dog naturally ~ Have a great weekend ~ (A Creative Harbor)
Ann said…
Well it looks like you are ready for winter.
Maybe someone wasn't working but then again you have to have supervisor for the job :)
Lorrie said…
Love the sight of the goodies in the freezer for the winter. Ours is filling up quickly, too.

Lots of work being done your way, by MOST of you. Cute ending. Have a wonderful weekend.
Anonymous said…
The place is looking good all spiffied up! Looks like ya'll are doing a great job... except the doggies! LoL! =)

My symptoms aren't flu-like, at all, THANK GOD!
Yes, it's sometimes prickly heat that almost feels like sudden stabs under my arms... BUT, it was a LOT better today, & I didn't even have to hit the (Benedryl) bottle! LoL! =)
Your stacked freezer looks like our did when we had the very large garden up until last year. This year, I have frozen some peppers as we had too many, but everything else was eaten. The freezer still has some beans and butternut squash from last year's harvest and they will be enjoyed this winter.

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