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One more thing...I know this is for "wordless wednesday" but I JUST have to tell you this.
The girls (my Grand daughters) beat the boys (their Dad and a neighbor)!  They won two out of three games!!!!!


Go girls go.. well done to your grandaughters JP.

spend a happy wordless wednesday..
MadSnapper said…
if i could say words on wordless wed i would say GO GIRLS
Anonymous said…
Go Girlpower .... of course, the guys will just say they LET them win lol.
TexWisGirl said…
yay for the ladies. :)
Tiggeriffic said…
Love the pool.. With as hot as it was this summer I'll bet this pool got used a lot..
Yeah Girls ~!!~ Victory ~! Victory~! Victory~!
Ann said…
"GO GIRLS" :)seeing the pool makes me miss summer already
Chatty Crone said…
You aren't still swimming outside there are you??????

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