Grand & Great

Grand & Great
One grand daughter and one great nephew hanging out at a recent family party...:) 

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At first I thought that was a cockatoo next to her, but then I realized it's cotton candy, ha ha!
EG CameraGirl said…
This photo makes me wonder what the two of them were thinking. :)
Anonymous said…
I've got the cotten candy and you're in the te ent. Love it.
Inger said…
Why is it called grandchildren, but great nephews? The English language never stops baffling me. Great picture though, or should I say a grand picture. Love that I've got the cotton candy look!
Ann said…
With the look on his face and the hand up, I wonder what he was saying to
Tiggeriffic said…
I'll bet he was saying "Come on over ~ there are NO bugs in this tent..".
What a cute picture.. I love cotton candy and whenever I go to a fair I have to have some..Have a great day from Iowa:)

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