"You Found a WHAT?"

I exclaimed.

"A shark.  A baby shark...washed up on shore...right over here. Come and see it!"

Racing to see it, my mind was overflowing with thoughts:

If there's one there's another.

If it's a baby, it has parents...

and probably siblings!

Holy crap moose~poops!  Right where we swim.

Babies grow up.

Perhaps that's what happened to the "other eleven" who never returned!

It's mother must be worried sick...



I looked closely. 

Then my mind filled with more thoughts:

Poor little thing.

Maybe the water was too cold for it. 

Maybe it got lost.

Mom must be worried sick!

It's all in how you look at things!


JP.. sharks Grow up indeed.
where there is a baby, there must be a mother.!
a great photo..
wishing you a great weekend.
swim with care!
Cuby said…
Everything has two ways this baby has definitely got the 'oh poor baby' element which is sweet BUT as always the parents issue comes to the forefront. To continue to swim there? Mmm tricky, I'll watch out for a post on swimming there without mishap! Nice photos.
Samantha said…
Mama sharks aren't known for their extended mothering..so, you're most likely fine on the Angry Parent Shark aspect ;)

I would be THRILLED to see another shark in the wild. I've only seen one.

Lynn Proctor said…
i would be thinking the same things!
Call me stupid (won't be the first time), but how do you know it's a baby shark and not just a small shark? Just curious...
ooooooh...poor little shark...
Cute little shark!

You know the 'bad' neighbors? Driving.me.nuts.
Anonymous said…
Looks bad on me I know but I'm thinking one less set of jaws in the ocean could be a good thing.
Donna said…
I'd have been afraid to even pick it up....just sayin'...
mshatch said…
wow. pretty cool :)
Bee Lady said…
Just doesn't seem to matter what kind of animal or mammal it is, babies are always cute. Did you put it back in the water?

Cindy Bee
So who was that holding the shark? It might be what I've heard could be a dog shark and so not a baby at all.

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