YUMMY!!!! Chinese

When we decided to get Chinese for supper, I asked the Pres to give me the menu in the desk drawer.  Always ordering the same thing, I decided to go out on a limb and try something new.  After all, I'd just read an article about "older" folks and that they need to try new things, right?

My eyes zoomed in on the words and I began salivating as I read Coconut Shrimp.  "Get a small order though, honey" were my last words as he exited the door.

In a matter of minutes, the Pres was back.  Opening the containers and placing the Boneless Spare Ribs he'd ordered for himself next to his portion of pork fried rice, he took a fork and headed for his chair.  The rice was first on my plate and looked fresh as usual.  However, opening the container of Coconut Shrimp, I said, "Oh, this really isn't what I expected," thinking I was going to be disappointed.

BOY, WAS I WRONG!!!  This shrimp is THE BEST!!!
(Please note that this picture is taken of the leftovers in the frig so the sauce is not creamy and is stuck to the shrimp.)  Once heated it is a milky consistency which is why
I think the sauce is made with coconut milk because, it is creamy, white and definitely coconut flavored. The shrimp is not fried and there is no visible coconut in the sauce.  So now...now I need someone to come up with a recipe that mirrors it!  

To all you cooks out there.. are you reading this?


Baby Girl?







You KNOW who you are...just email me the recipe!


MorningAJ said…
I've found this: http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/629699 which you might be able to adjust. (We don't call them shrimp here - shrimps are tiny little things)
Anonymous said…
Haven't had Chinese in ages....now I really want some. But not shrimp. Not big on the water bugs.
Inger said…
Sure glad I wasn't on your list. You would have had no luck with me since I don't cook. It sounds like a heavenly dish though, so good luck with the recipe.
Gail said…
I hope that's another Gail. The closest thing to shrimp that we have around here is crawdaddys!
~mel said…
No shrimp recipes here ~ I'm allergic to those shellfish. Glad to hear though that you ventured out of the box and tried something new. I'm doing that with all my cookbook collections I have - try at least ONE new recipe a week.
Tiggeriffic said…
I love shrimp and Dave does not.. So needless to say I only get chinese when my friends go out to lunch.. This shrimp looks good ~~ too bad the smell can't come along ...I'll bet it smelled good too. Sorry I can't help you with the recipe.. You might want to google this one.
Have a great day~TA TA FOR NOW FROM Iowa~!~!:)
Ann said…
That does sound good and the best part is my husband hates coconut so if I were to get this it would be mine mine all mine :)
This dish is good and I have tried it locally, but becaus Grenville also is not a coconut fan, it won't be on our menu at home. I would eat far too much all myself!

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