A Mission

With a title like that, I guess I could tell you about the Mission Inn, a Bed and Breakfast, that my SIL/BIL own.   Although that is really not today's topic, take their virtual tour by clicking the link.  They are THE BEST innkeepers I know.  Of course, they are the ONLY innkeepers I know!  

Okay...now about me...

The other day it was cool here...only in the 50's and I was on a mission.  I was for some reason in a brownie mood.  Out came the Baker's Chocolate, the flour, the eggs, the sugar, the baking powder and the walnuts and vanilla, along with the measuring spoons and cups and my trusty old Kitchen Aide mixer.  Going one step farther, I decided that as long as I was working on brownies, I would also bake some Cream Cheese Brownies (because the "big" kids really like those too!).

Before I knew it, it was time for a break...a lunch break that is.  I made myself a "small" chicken salad sandwich on Arnold's Flax & Fiber bread (which I love) with Romaine lettuce and our last yellow tomato!

Then when I actually sat down to finish my sandwich, I happened to look at the calendar and realized that I'd better get in cookie mode.  It's the middle of October!!!!

Oh, one more thing.

Did I tell you that we're having a small get together at our house to celebrate our one year anniversary here?


The week before my daughter's best friend's wedding...you know...the shower I went to which had THE most delicious light lemon"ie" layer cake I ever tasted with a sumptuous filling and delicate frosting.  Gosh, it was good!!


Anonymous said…
Delightful looking brownies.
Hello JP:
This is all looking just delicious.
I have never made brownies.
Half term is coming up here, I think those will be on my menu.
Gosh, one year since you moved.
I think I started blogging with you just after you moved!
I need to take more notes about my blogger friends.
Happy 1st
will take a visit to Mission in.
Happy weekend.
Tiggeriffic said…
How absolutely delightful ~ you blog is...I read from top to bottom and enjoyed all the pictures.. Connecticut is a beautiful state.. Have never been in your state.. Congratulations on one year anniversary of being in Ct. You have adjusted well.
Have a tiggeriffic week=end..ta ta for now from Iowa:)
everything looks yummy!

never had cream cheese brownies...sound delicious!

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