A "Once Upon A Time" Wedding

Held at the Riverview, the Pres and I attended THE wedding of a Prince and Princess last week.  It was a once upon a time wedding.  They met in high school and were reunited many years later, only to discover their love for each other. 

She looked radiant.  He beamed all night.   Evident by the way they catered to their guests, they are both caring and generous people.  I've known her since she was twelve.  When she had a fight with her parents, she "ran away from home."  She moved in with my kids and I.  She's like a daughter to me.  I love her and have wanted her quest for happiness to be fulfilled.  It was...once upon a time when she re~met the Prince!

She smiled...her step dad beamed.  Her eyes remained focused on her Prince as she walked elegantly down the isle.  Tears filled her eyes and mine for an instant.  Those tears?  They disappeared quickly as I watched her give a big wink to her Prince!

She laughed...he beamed with joy.

She cried...he beamed with pride.

Oh, us?  We had a great time! Hor d'ourves were served immdeiately following the ceremony.  Then, taking our seats in the dining hall, our orders were taken.  The food was AWESOME!  The filet migon done to perfection!! Immediately following dinner, an announcement was made to visit the Candy Table making any candy connoisseur drool!  The Candy Table was dedicated to her Grandma, who passed away in August.  Known to many of us as Jeanie Bean, she loved candy.  Hence, the dedication.  As the DJ played tunes spanning the 60's to present, the dance floor filled with the young and old.  Everyone partied!

The Pres and I did the Twist, the Electric Slide, waltzed, boogied and bopped.  I was afraid we wouldn't be able to move the next day but I was wrong.  We just moved a tad slower...LOL!

Oh, one more thing.

The Prince and Princess?

   They belong together!


gld said…
What a wonderful love story.
Anonymous said…
She was a gorgeous bride.
Chatty Crone said…
I am so happy for them and wish them much happiness. sandie
MadSnapper said…
i love once upon a time that end happily ever after. are we going to see you in The Dress and The Shoes? hope so
TexWisGirl said…
how very sweet. long may they reign.
Ann said…
a real life fairy tale. Love it. What a beautiful bride and they make a lovely couple
Gail said…
I love happy endings!
High Style said…
Went there for an evening event. After arrival at Las Vegas Weddings we were immediately greeted with appetizers and cocktails in the room with the fireplace and baby grand piano.

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