Barn Charm # 21

As I leaned on the small bridge to take this shot, the word bucolic came to mind. 

Of course, I noticed the "bovine".

He completed the scene.

Then I noticed that he noticed me.

I left.


I love these photos - especially the one where the bovine's looking at you!
Chatty Crone said…
Smart girl! Nice barn.
TexWisGirl said…
really beautiful. barns on stilts always make me a bit nervous, though. :)
Ann said…
Love the barn. This is exactly the type of place I would love to live. Out in the country, surrounded by trees and lots of space
E. Beth. said…
ha. ha!! i bet he was wondering why you were there? too fun. (:
Carletta said…
Very charming with the red and green!
This sits in a lovely setting.
A lovely barn find!
Mari said…
Great barn - love it standing on "stilts"! The cow is a nice touch too. :)
Anonymous said…
I have to 2nd TWG's comment about barns on stilts, but boy oh boy, what a view!

Happy Barn Charmin =)
Anonymous said…
HA! I'd have left too!!

Looks like you are enjoying yourself. :-))

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