Checker Under Pressure

No, we're not going trick or treating and we live too far many from the kids to see them hit the road.  Besides, it's raining here.  We are hunkered down, warm, cozy and dry.  Tomorrow is November 1st and we have our mandatory meeting at the High School.

Mandatory meeting?

Did I tell you that we are working the polls? 

 Yep.  We are.

While the Pres volunteered in the Preliminary elections here, I did not.

When Bunny called from the Town Clerk's Office asking for the Pres, she once again asked, "JP, you don't want to work?"

"Bunny, that's a long day Bunny.  From 5:15am until 8:30pm.  I'll pass, thanks."

What she said next was, "How about 5:15 to 12:30pm?  If I can get someone to work the second half, I'll call you back."

Agreeing whole heartedly with those hours, I hung up the phone.

She called back. 
When the letters came in the mail and the Pres saw what I would be doing and said enthusiastically, "Honey, you're a checker.  I hope you replaced that other lady from last time!  She was as slow as molasses!"

The pressure is on.


Anonymous said…
Ah...even in volunteering there are standards and
Gail said…
You will do wonderfully!
Meryl Baer said…
Set a new standard and impress everyone. Even though you will be working hard don't forget to vote!
TexWisGirl said…
you are a good woman.
Thank you for your comments JP.
I can see that you are very busy, helping with the votes..
I am all ears and eyes on the tv. debates for your elections.
Dont like to talk politics ..but shall I say.. may the best man win.
jolly good work.
Ann said…
I bet you'll be a marvelous checker

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