Live from CT

As of now, we only have winds and a light rain with occasional higher gusts which are supposed to get much worse as the day progresses.

My daughter in Newport told me that the road along the beach was already flooded this morning after the morning high tide and the storm is still miles and miles away!

Everyone else in the family has gone to work.  We'll see if they make it all day.  The Governor has already declared a truck ban and a concrete wall is in the process of being built at one power station in Stamford along the coast.

I'm heading outside to hang out with the dogs for a while, watch the trees sway and feel the breeze as it's in the low 60's...:) 

Oh, one more thing.
Staying put.
No gym today.


Anonymous said…
Fourth day in a row of rain here with light wind...a little more than yesterday. So far so good eh?
MadSnapper said…
wishing you to stay safe, and your family to. good choice to stay home today.
Nancy C said…
Hope you and yours stay safe and dry, JP.
Very windy/rainy/cold here. I'm hoping the power stays on. Cort is having asthma troubles and is needing his nebulizer a couple of times a day right now :-(
Anonymous said…
I'm watching it progress on TWC... ya'll be careful, be safe & God bless!!! =)
Tiggeriffic said…
Good time for reading a book and drinking a cup of tea for you.. Looks pretty bad to me this storm that is coming your way. Goodness to be it's only October..
You sound great and wish you the best in the storm that is coming.
ta ta for now from Iowa:)
Chatty Crone said…
I hope you stay safe and warm. sandie
stay safe jp...

from the usual hurricane capitol...florida!
Ann said…
we've got lots of rain and wind here right now. Just came in from taking Duke out and it's very nasty. Stay safe

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